Collection one: Marcus Knupp

Perfumes are notoriously difficult to describe. We asked our friend Berlin-based artist Marcus Knupp to create four artworks based on his impressions of each of the scents from our first collection of scents. 

AER Accord No. 1: Nagarmotha

He chose to draw beautiful abstracts, in pencil and ink. Marcus says of his process, “first we talked about the various ingredients in each scent. Then I let my mind wonder and combined my memories of the scents with features or qualities from the actual ingredients used to create them.” 

AER Accord No. 2: Cade

The result was a series of playful abstractions that, like the scents themselves, are familiar, but at the same time impossible to pin down exactly.  

AER Accord No. 3: Ambre

“They needed to have movement and complexity but remain light and minimal. The scents give your mind a place to wander, I wanted the drawings to do the same."

AER Accord No. 4: Cedar

About the Artist
Marcus Knupp was born in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1978, and grew up in both Europe and the United States. As an artist, he currently focuses on handmade works (pencil, marker, and ink on paper) and utilises a wide array of techniques, languages and experiences which mirror his interests in Fine Arts, fashion, and trend culture at large. See more of his work at

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