Ted and Stefan, on a recent sourcing trip to Grasse, France

Ted Young-Ing, Creative Director

Ted is an internationally respected Designer and Creative Director. He designed the AER brand.

He worked as a designer at the prestigious London branding agency The Partners, before becoming an Art Director at Gucci Group (now called Kering), working on the Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent brands and helping to launch several iconic Gucci and YSL scents. 

Ted is the former Head of Creative at furniture retailer Habitat, and former Art Director of cycling brand Brooks England. He is also the founder of the Tweed Run, an international vintage cycling event.

Ted misspent his youth in nightclubs and music venues where developed a healthy appreciation for underground culture. His aesthetic is a marriage of high and low, of glamourising the unexpected, of stark contrasts, of beauty, with an edge. AER Accord No. 1: Nagarmotha was originally created as a private scent for Ted.

Read more about Ted's career here.

Stefan Kehl, Head Perfumer

Stefan Kehl is AER’s Head of Perfume and the creator of our first collection. 

Stefan is one of Germany’s best-known Make-Up Artists. He has fostered a lifelong love of beauty, beginning his career as a Hairdresser, and soon moving to Make Up Artist with a focus on fashion and advertising. He was an educator at Germany’s largest and most famous make-up academies, then moved to New York City to become a hair and beauty consultant, partnering with brands like Shu Uemura and Chanel. He recently returned to Berlin where he has added television hosting to his credits. 

Stefan’s love of fragrance began as a child. He has always obsessed with scents and perfumes, and pursued perfumery in his spare time. He spent years developing his nose and his scent aesthetic, but is mainly self-taught. He believes that scents should be strong, powerful and complex but still minimalist. He enjoys challenging the traditions of perfuming, and layering the richness of botanicalsin a new way.

The ideas for the first AER collection came from a chance encounter with the scent of a stranger on the New York Subway who was wearing pure Nagarmotha oil. The singularity of the scent inspired Stefan to begin work on a series of scents with a radical new simplicity. These became Accords 1 through 4. 

Stefan's make-up portfolio is here.