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AER is an independent natural perfume house based in Berlin, Germany. We have blended their life-long obsessions with scent, luxury, beauty, handcraft and sustainability into a very special perfume brand.

Our perfumes are modern, complex and unique…. like you. They are 100% botanical, and hand-blended from the best raw ingredients, sourced from around the world. We create our own recipes. We source our own ingredients, We handblend all our perfumes ourselves in our Atelier in the heart of Berlin-Mitte.

Our hand-crafted scents are proudly 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free. All of our ingredients are directly extracted from plants; our perfumes do not contain synthetics or chemicals. We source from small producers who value traditional techniques, sustainable gathering, and fair trading practices.

We create the best perfumes that we can. We blend them in small batches by hand, and we create them with love.