About AER

Welcome to AER.

AER Scents is a modern natural perfume house. We create unique, 100% botanical perfumes designed for a modern lifestyle. We design and blend each of our perfumes ourselves by hand at our Atelier in the heart of Berlin-Mitte.

We select only the finest natural raw ingredients from around the world and hand-blend them into highly original, modern perfumes using traditional perfumery techniques that date back thousands of years. We don’t use synthetics or chemicals in our perfumes: all of our ingredients come directly from plants.

Modern. Complex. Unique. Like you.

The Story behind our brand

We started AER because we love perfume. We've always loved perfume.

But in a world full of commercial synthetics, we just couldn't find The Perfect Scent.

We wanted a fragrance that was bold and unique, but also fairly traded, and made with natural ingredients.

We couldn't find it. So we made our own...

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A perfume made without compromise

We have blended our life-long obsessions with scent, luxury, beauty, handcraft and sustainability into a very special perfume brand. We make modern, daring scents, using old-school traditional techniques. Our handblended perfumes are the opposite of mass-made industrial perfumes; it takes over two months to hand-bend each batch of our perfumes, using the finest natural ingredients meticulously sourced from around the world.

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The AER Atelier

We do all our formulating ourselves, at our Atelier in the heart of Berlin-Mitte. Our perfumers Amber and Stefan create all of our recipes from scratch, relying our library of thousands of natural raw ingredients. It takes sometimes hundreds of tries (each time with micro adjustments to the ingredients) to perfect a perfume.

In our Atelier, we meticulously blend each batch of perfume oils together by hand. The perfume oils have to macerate in the perfect atmospheric conditions for six weeks before being mixed with our special ethanol, then frozen and filtered to remove impurities. Then each bottle is filled by hand, with love.

The Soul of our Perfume

Each of our perfumes is inspired by the scent of a single raw ingredient. We scour the world for natural plant extracts of outstanding quality. When we find something extraordinary and exquisite, this ingredient becomes the centre of a new AER Scents perfume. We highlight and enliven different aspects of our star ingredient with a host of supporting ingredients to create a special modern natural scent. We look for the perfect example of each ingredient for each perfume; a Vetyver from Haiti smells very different from a Vetyver from Java.

We source our raw ingredients from small producers who value traditional techniques, sustainable gathering, and fair trading practices. Our highly concentrated parfums are handmade without compromise: original, 100% natural, and of the highest quality. Of course all our perfumes are vegan and cruelty-free.

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