Beauty & Cosmetics Case Studies

We are proud to partner with some of the best companies in the word to create scent products through our Accord Parfums Private Label programme. Below are some examples of our work.

St. Oberholz range

Creation and production of a scented Hand Sanitiser, Hand Soap and Hand Lotion range

AER Scents / Accord Parfums started life in the St. Oberholz cafe, and our Atelier is based above St Oberholz Rosenthalerplatz. We’re happy to be working with St Oberholz on a candle, hand sanitiser, hand soap and hand lotion.

The Candle is a hand-poured scented travel candle from 100% vegetable wax blended with our own AER Scents perfume oils designed to encourage concentration and focus, and brings to mind the old wood ornamentation of St Oberholz’s 19th Century Hôtel Particulier home on Rosenthalerplatz, mingling with the smell of coffee and baking pastries from the café.

During the Corona Crisis, we worked together to develop and scented hand sanitiser based on the World Health Organisation’s recipe and again blended with our AER Scents perfume oils. Felix Breun, the manager of St Oberholz Coffee explains the project: “In most cases the pandemic situation was defined by distancing.

In a few cases, like this one, it brought people closer together. AER’s Atelier is in the 3rd floor of our Café and CoWorking location at Rosenthaler Platz. We kept running into each other, greeting each other in the staircase. Suddenly on the stairs, an idea was born: how about making a Hand-Sanitiser in collaboration?

“It took a few days of discussions over the phone, another week to prototype and another 14 days till the first batch was launched for sale in both our Coffee locations. Today we offer the Hand Sanitiser in two sizes: 60mL and 200mL. Both our customers and our team think they’re unique within the market of hand sanitiser – a true artisan craftsmanship product which unifies both companies' philosophy: to enhance everybody's lifestyle with the understanding of what high quality is, the love for detail & origin of ingredients.”

We are currently developing a St Oberholz Hand Soap and Hand Lotion based on the scent we created for the St Oberholz Hand Sanitiser. The Hand Soap and Hand Lotion are available in all the St Oberholz Café toilets. In true Oberholz Start-Up fashion, we are online-developing the formulations using live feedback from Café customers, gleaned through a feedback site accessible from QR codes in the bathrooms. More info here

The St Oberholz range was conceived, developed and manufactured by AER and handblended in the AER Atelier in Berlin-Mitte. The St Oberholz products are available to use and for sale at the St Oberholz cafés and from their website.


Elite Bartmann Beard Booster M

Creation and production of a beard oil

Elite Bartmann commissioned a Beard Booster oil from us, with the brief to create a beard product that could be both a conditioner and a styling product that would stand out from other beard oils on the market.

We developed a very special product for them. Elite Bartmann Beard Booster M acts as a beard styling product with a gentle hold, a nourishing conditioner that leaves beard hair manageable and prevents split ends, and a face moisturiser for the skin that prevents itching. The scent persists and takes the place of a cologne.

The all-natural ingredients were sourced from Africa (in keeping with the Elite Bartmann brand ethos). For the core of Beard Booster, we blended rare Dandelion Extract, Marula Oil, Coffee Extract, Baobab Oil, and Amaranth Seed Extract. Kemal from Elite Bartmann says of the experience, “They where very flexible in finding and mixing oils you can’t get anywhere else. For example, Dandelion Extract which is hard to get was not problem for Accord Perfumes to create.” The masculine scent was inspired by Morocco (hence the “M”), with Roiboos and Atlas Cedar.

Elite Bartmann loves their Beard Booster. Kemal says, “We created a very beautiful and high quality cosmetic product and I am happy to have worked with Accord Perfumes and will do it in the future. Thank you!” More info here

Elite Bartmann Beard Booster was created through the Accord Parfums Private Label Programme and handblended in the AER Atelier in Berlin-Mitte. Beard Booster is available at select Barbers throughout Germany and from their website.

Khadi Reformulations

Reformulation of Rose Oil, Centella Oil & Detox Oil

Khadi is a hair- and skincare company that manufacture modern natural cosmetics that work with the power of nature in combination with traditional Indian Ayurvedic natural healing principles.

In Spring 2021, Khadi relaunches their range under new formulations and they came to Accord Parfums to help them rework their best-sellers Rose Oil, Centella Oil and Detox Oil. We redeveloped the formulations, and then worked with the Khadi manufacturer in India to source local oils and adapt our recipes to their production methods.

Rose Oil is a customer favourite, but the product’s old recipe struggled with quality perception in the market. We reworked the recipe to make the oil texture softer and thinner, and to improve absorption; adding active ingredients that repair and anti-oxidise. We helped Khadi define the customer for this product, and created a higher quality “Rose with an Indian edge” scent that appeals directly to the new customer profile.

Centella Oil is a product designed for pregnant and nursing mothers, but had some difficulty finding its customer base. We reformulated the product to better align it to its use; we remove Neroli and Flax Seed (both counter recommended for nursing mothers), and added ingredients known to improve skin elasticity and counteract stretch marks. We also gave the product a sharper and more complex scent that incorporates a beautiful vanilla note (known to be particularly appealing to new mothers because it resembles breastmilk).

The foundation of Detox Oil worked well, but customers did not connect with the scent. We looked at the customer target group and gave the product a more interesting and more modern floral scent that matches it’s powerful uplifting use, and that will excite a younger, more sophisticated customer. More info here

This reformulation work was done through Accord Parfums Private Label. The new products will be available from Spring 2021 at Khadi retailers and through their website.

Yurema scent oils

Creation and production of Fragrances for a skincare protection range

Yurema’s goal is to “take you on a cultural and traditional journey under the sign of cleansing body and mind”. Yurema asked Accord Parfums to develop a selection of seven natural-source scents for the Yurema range of Hand Soaps, Hand Protectors and Hand Sanitisers. Based on a brief to construct modern floral or herb scents that work across the full Yurema range of products, we proposed seven scents using unexpected combinations of natural materials that are fresh and memorable.

We continue to work with Yurema, developing new scents for their future product developments.

We supply Yurema with the fragrances as scent oils that Yurema combines with their own formulations for soap, lotion and hand spray at their production facility. More info here

The Yurema scents were created through the Accord Parfums Private Label Programme and handblended in the AER Atelier in Berlin-Mitte. The range is available at select Beauty Care shops and from their website.

Stefan’s personal makeup box

Creation and production of lip and skin colour palettes

Stefan Kehl, our Head of Perfume, started life as a make-up artist. He spent many years making his own make-up palette from minerals and natural vegetable butters that he uses on his various shoots.

Stefan created a recipe for a sophisticated colour palette that is both long-lasting and beautifully transparent, and that leaves skin beautiful and radiant after it’s been removed.

Stefan’s personal makeup palette is created through the Accord Parfums Private Label Programme and handblended in the AER Atelier in Berlin-Mitte.

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