Environmental & Branding Case Studies

We are proud to partner with some of the best companies in the word to create scent products through our Accord Parfums Private Label programme. Below are some examples of our work.

SEEK Berlin Five Scents

Creation, production and installation of five Environmental Scents

SEEK Berlin is a fashion trade show that happens twice a year. We have collaborated with them on several projects. For SS2019, we created five scents to help to define the five different areas of SEEK. Says SEEK, “For Summer 2019, SEEK and AER have collaborated on a series of five environmental fragrances that bring alive the personality of each of the SEEK spaces: Blue (Classics & Icons), Red (Sports & Streetwear), Yellow (Strong Zeitgeist), Green (Green Force) and Brown (Trade Union).”

Accord Parfums also managed installation of the project at the trade show. The scents were diffused into the air, subtly branding and delineating each space so visitors experienced the different scents as they passed through each of the area. SEEK Blue, for example, is the area for classic heritage brands, so we created a modern classic men’s cologne scent that is reminiscent of your favourite leather jacket: notes of leather, patchouli and spice. More info here

The SEEK Five Scents was created by AER and handblended at the AER Atelier. A bottle of the scent was handed out to exhibitors and VIP visitors to take home.

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