What does 100% botanical mean?

All our ingredients come directly from plants. We don’t use chemicals, we don’t use synthetics, we don’t use preservatives, and our perfumes are totally vegan.

Aren’t all perfumes vegan?

No. In fact, very few are. Some widely used ingredients like castoreum and civet require killing the animal to extract; ambergris (so expensive that it’s rarely used nowadays) and hyraceum (which is still commonly used) are passive animal waste products; lanolin from sheep and honey from bees can be collected without much harm to the animal, but none of these common ingredients are vegan. Tallow derivatives (from cow fat) are used in the extraction process for many flower and leaf ingredients. And commercial perfumes can contain a range of animal-derived colorants and alcohols. AER perfumes are 100% vegan.

Are AER scents tested on animals?

Our perfumes are not tested on animals. AER is firmly against animal testing.

What’s the best way to apply perfume?

There’s no “best way”; some people spray it on their wrists, on their hair, on their bare chest, on the back of the knee… it’s down to personal preference. Scent rises, so spraying on your temples seems a waste. Perfume will last longer when misted on clothing (but beware of stains on on very light clothes) and hair.

Should I rub my wrists together?

No, please don’t. It’s said that the friction harms the scent. But at the very least, you want a concentration of scent on the pulse points for optimum diffusion, so it makes sense not to spread it out.

How long will the scents last on me?

This is a natural product, made with 100% natural botanical ingredients, so AER scents will not last as long as commercial perfumes that contain synthetics. How long they last is dependent on your skin, and how much you spray. You can probably count on at least six hours; but feel free carry the bottle and respray throughout the day. If you want the scent to last a little longer, also spray your hair or clothing.

It smells different on me than on other people!

Yes thats right! You are experiencing a natural perfume. Commercial perfumes are full or synthetics, and designed to smell exactly the same on every single person. Our natural ingredients react with your skin and create something personal to you, while still being recognisably an AER Scents perfume.

How strong and loud are AER perfumes?

AER perfumes are designed to have a smaller sillage (how far the scent carries) than a commercial perfume. The scent will fill your personal space, but not be a room bomb. If you want a larger sillage, use a few more sprays.

Are AER perfumes organic?

No. Well… kinda. About 85%-95% of the content of our perfume is organic. Some of our ingredients are wild-harvested from wild-growing sources; a couple are traditionally farmed. We’re committed to working with our suppliers to provide sustainable, fairly traded ingredients of the highest quality, with a minimal environmental footprint, but our perfume is not "certified organic".

Where does AER stand on sustainability?

Sustainability (along with scent quality, of course) is one of our key deciding factors when it comes to choosing suppliers. The perfuming industry has a rightfully-deserved bad reputation when it comes to sustainability; we are hoping to show another way. When we use ingredients from rare (such as Guaiac Wood) or at-risk (such Atlas Cedar) ingredients, we make sure that they come from sustainably-managed forests, where these plants are lovingly cultivated for future generations’ use.

What is Linalool, Limonene, Geraniol, Eugenol, Farnesal, Coumarin, etc? Why do you add these to your perfumes?

Actually, we don’t add them, these are all naturally-occurring components of our botanical oils. They are classified as allergens according to EU law, and we list them so that people with sensitivities to these molecules can avoid them. But they’re a natural part of the plant (and in some cases, the part responsible for the beautiful smell).

Does the perfume change over the time?

No, but yes. Similar to fine wines, AER scents will age and get better with time. The ingredients mingle and the overall scent ripens and becomes richer and deeper, without becoming unexpectedly different. Our AER scents should last for at least 30 months after opening before the essential oils begin to loose their potency.

Does perfume go bad?

Not really. It can darken with UV exposure or temporarily go cloudy in the cold, but this won’t affect the scent quality. All perfumes will oxidise and loose their potency after a few years. Ours are guaranteed stable for 30 months from opening. Store your perfumes in the fridge if you really want to be anal about it.

Can I layer AER perfumes together?

Definitely. Our perfumes are designed to work on their own, or to be layered together. Mix and match and experiment for yourself!

Where do you make your perfumes?

All of our scents are conceived, blended, bottled and aged in AER’s atelier at Rosenthalerplatz, in Berlin. We do the blending ourselves. By hand, of course. If you’re in Berlin, get in touch and come by to see us.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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