Accord No.01: NAGARMOTHA

"A bold, exotic scent: sensual and earthy, with a surprising freshness."


This deep, earthy perfume is built around Nagarmotha, a grass from India. We use oils extracted from the roots of the plant for perfuming. The scent of Nagarmotha oil is stunning: warm, woody, almost balsamic, and full of exotic spicy narcotic notes. To our bold Nagarmotha base, we blend in rich noble and hypnotic notes from Patchouli, the elegant earthy facets of smokey Vetyver from Java, and luxurious modern Olibanum – also known as Frankincense.

The unexpected bright citrus sparkle comes from Makrut Lime Leaf, which is layered over a foundation of warm, vibrating Atlas Cedar and bright, flowery Palmarosa.

Olfactory family: Herbal. Herbal, also aromatic, family is characterised by herb and plant notes, combined with citrus and spice accords. Notes which are often used are fresh green herbs such as rosemary, thyme, sage and even lavender. Our green aromatic scent is enriched with fresh essences of cut Nagarmotha grass.

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The spirit of Accord No.01: NAGARMOTHA

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Nagarmotha – also called Cypriol – is a riverbank grass native to India. The plant’s roots, once dried, give off an exotic warm wood scent with a distinct spicy note. In Chinese medicine, Nagarmotha is said to regulate Qi, the life energy.

Our Nagarmotha is grown on a collective farm in Madhya Pradesh, India and is hand-harvested just after the monsoon season subsides.

Because it’s challenging to harvest, Nagarmotha is rarely used in perfuming; it has now mostly been replaced by Vetyver.

Perfume Family: 
Herbal Classification: Aromatic, Citrus, Herbaceous Main Ingredient: Nagarmotha (Cyperus scariosus), Origin: Madhya Pradesh (India), Extraction: Steam distillation

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Ingredient Origin Source Character
Nagarmotha India root woody, narcotic
Makrut Lime Indonesia leaf citrus, fresh
Olibanum Somalia resin sweet, smokey
Vetyver Haiti root earthy, woody
Patchouli Indonesia leaf exotic, spicy
Atlas Cedar Morocco wood creamy, woody
Palmarosa India grass zesty, floral
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