Accord No.02: CADE

"A mesmerising, deeply-layered perfume with a touch of Bourbon sweetness for those who love strong, complex scents full of personality."


A smokey, multilayered perfume built around the fumey, complex bouquet of Cade Tar, a phenolic ingredient that evokes memories of campfires in the woods. The perfume develops it’s warmth with beautiful pine forest notes from Silver Spruce and sweet honey notes from Guaiac Wood and rare Madagascan Vanilla. Oil extracted from Burnt Frankincense offers a touch more smoke, this time with sophisticated balsamic incense notes. Dry grassiness from Galbanum and smoked herbalness from Vetyver grown in Java offer a twist of bright Whiskey-like contrast in the background. A mesmerising, deeply-layered perfume with a touch of Bourbon sweetness for those who love strong, complex scents full of personality.

Olfactory family: Leather. This special perfume family evokes the smells of tobacco, smoke and leather. Leather and perfumery go way back together. It is rooted in the tradition of the ‘gantier parfumeurs’, a guild of glove-makers in Paris who fashioned gloves for royalty and the aristocracy as far back as the 15th Century. The whole tanning process smells repulsive, though, so leathers were treated with oils, musk, civet and ambergris, to mask the smell of the animals’ skins. The very first ‘leather’ scent, so far as records show, was worn by King George III. He was so taken with the smell of scented gloves that he asked to make it into a fragrance.

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The spirit of Accord No.02: CADE

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Cade is from an ancient species of juniper, grows at sea level on rocky sites across the Mediterranean. Through distillation of the rough bark, we gain this dark, aromatic tar oil with it’s strong campfire smoke smell.

Ancient cultures believed it had the power to chase away evil spirits. Our cade is harvested from a managed organic forest in Northern Spain.

In the Middle Ages in Europe, Cade used to be used to scent leather, after the tanning process that left the hides with unpleasant scents.

Perfume Family: 
Herbal Classification: Aromatic, Citrus, Herbaceous Main Ingredient: Cade (Juniperus oxycedrus), Origin: Northern SpainExtraction: Steam distillation

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Ingredient Origin Source Character
Cade Spain bark smokey, leather
Silver Spruce Austria needle pine, wood
Frankincense Somalia resin incense, smokey
Vanilla Madagascar pod sweet, animalic
Vetyver Java root woody, smokey
Guaiac Paraguay wood burnt honey
Galbanum Iran resin smokey, fuzzy

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