Accord No.05: WHITE PEPPER

"Crisp, exciting and full of surprises."


This is our interpretation of a classic fougère perfume done with a thoroughly modern edge. Accord No.05: White Pepper opens with the fieriness of its dry, spicy Pepper core. Elemi Gum, a kind of amber resin, enhances these crisp-peppery notes. Sweet and herbaceous undertones of brilliant Blue Chamomile will take you to the opulent warmth of sunsets in a grassy field. Behind those fiery, dry notes comes the opulent, sweet floral of handpicked Corsican Immortelle. Green-scented Tobacco Leaf and fuzzy, smokey notes from Galbanum emphasises the perfume’s crispy dry personality, all underlined by French Oak Moss, the classic fougère underpinning.

Olfactory family: Fougère. Fougère is more of a concept than a true family. "Fern" in French is actually a reference to Fougère Royale. Launched by Houbigant Parfum in 1882, Fougère Royale revolutionised perfumery. Since then the Fougère framework has been used in traditionam perfumery. Fougère fragrances are usually blends composed of lavender, wood, oak moss, coumarin and citrus. The resulting aroma comprises of sweet and spicy notes over a herbaceous and lichen backdrop.

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The spirit of Accord No.05: WHITE PEPPER

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White Pepper starts as a black peppercorn, but the thin outer skin is removed by hand. The naked peppercorn is then sun-dried before being crushed and extracted using a technical CO2 process.

Our perfume contains both an animalic White and a seductive Black Pepper, which both come from the same Piper Nigrum vines that have been cultivated by hand by small farmer groups in Indonesia, as well as a bright fruity Pink Peppercorn (Schinus Molle) from Peru.

These are the same white, black and pink peppercorns that you use for cooking.

Perfume Family: Fougère
 Classification: Dry, Peppery Main Ingredient: White Pepper (Piper Nigrum), Origin: Indonesia, Extraction: CO2 extraction

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White Pepper Indonesia berry hot, animalic
Immortelle Corsica wood metallic, herb
Elemi Nepal resin peppery, fresh
Galbanum Iran resin green, smokey
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Oak Moss France moss earthy, dry
Sage Triloba Albania leaf herbal, dry

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