Accord No.06: YLANG YLANG

"A beautiful, energising perfume that warms the senses and opens the heart."


Celebrate Ylang Ylang, the princess of perfumery, in a cool new way with this perfume that highlights this very traditional flower’s modern honey-like aspects. Instead of the more commonly-seen indolic floral notes, we chose to focus on the unusual buttery, spicey cinnamon and thick caramel nectar notes. This multi-faceted floral scent is underlined by sweet-tart Jasmin Blossom and precious Damask Rose absolutes that dance with fresh Grapefruit and elegant Lavandin – actually a lavender hybrid but more airy and refreshing – in the core. Green-scented Violet Leaf and hot Cassia Bark give an ethereal, flirty warmth. Coconut Fruit offers this fragrance a sensual, velvety background.

Olfactory family: Floral. Nature has kindly provided scent specialists with a blooming marvellous number of floral fragrances, thanks to all of the different flowers in the world. The simply named ‘Floral’ fragrances mostly include the fresh and captivating scents of rose, jasmine and lily. We define floral a new, modern way and are enlightening aspects, that are not that common. So if you think of floral perfumes, forget evething you know and experience our AER interpretation of Ylang Ylang, the flower of the flowers.

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The spirit of Accord No.06: YLANG YLANG

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Ylang Ylang means “flower of flowers”. The precious essential oil is distilled from flowers of the Cananga Odorata tree, freshly-picked at dawn. The best Ylang Ylang comes from plantations on the South Coast of Africa; ours comes from the Comoro Islands.

The fresh oil is floral and sweet with a touch of benzoate. With time, the odour becomes deeper and richer with lots of complex spicy, balsamic-floral and butter notes.

On the Comoro Islands, harvesting the precious Ylang Ylang flowers is a job traditionally done by women.

Perfume Family: Floral
 Classification: White flower, tropical, transparent Main Ingredient: Ylang Ylang (Canaga Odorata), Origin: Comoro Islands, Extraction: Steam distillation

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Ingredient Origin Source Character
Ylang Ylang Comori Isl. flower spicy, white fl.
Jasmin France flower white floral
Damask Rose Bulgaria flower floral, fruity
Violet Egypt leaf green, salty
Grapefruit USA fruit pulp fresh, citrus
Cassia China bark cinnamon, hot
Coconut Philippines fruit warm, creamy

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