Accord No.07: ORRIS ROOT

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"An indulgent, sophisticated perfume, full of beauty and tension."


A sophisticated modern perfume constructed around rare Orris resin from Tuscany, one of the most precious, expensive and iconic perfumery ingredients in the world. Orris reveals its irresistible, luxuriant powdery-chocolate notes, blended with spicy Jasmin Sambac and elegant Bulgarian Rose. The perfume’s smooth, soft nature is given contrast from traditionally masculine ingredients such as earthy Haitian Vetyver, Myrrh resin and fiery Timut Pepper for a bold modern character. Tension comes from Nepita’s mint coolness. Creamy Calamus Root underline the deep earthy richness, and Fir Balsam adds unexpected fruity orange notes.

Olfactory family: Soft Floral. Nature has kindly provided scent specialists with a blooming marvellous number of floral fragrances, thanks to all of the different flowers in the world. IN camparison to the floral family, Soft Florals’ are most commonly grouped by their sweet, powdery and musky scent.

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The spirit of Accord No.07: ORRIS ROOT

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Orris Root is the dried rhizome of the beautiful but scentless Florentine Iris flower. Our Tuscan Orris Root is first hand harvested, then peeled, sun-dried and sorted. The root bulbs are odourless when harvested; they must be left to mature for three years in damp underground cellars to enable the Orris roots to oxidise and form the ionones that create the irresistible soft, round powdery scent.

Our Orris root is cultivated completely by hand on a centuries-old family-owned farm in the Tuscan hills.

Perfume Family: Soft floral
 Classification: Powdery, green, woody Main Ingredient: Orris root (Iris Florentina), Origin: Tuscany, Italy, Extraction: Resin

Ingredient Origin Source Character
Orris Italy root creamy, chocolate
Jasmin Sambac India flower aquatic, white fl.
Rose Bulgaria flower fruity, bright fl.
Calamus Poland root creamy, leathery
Timut Pepper Nepal berry bitter, spicey
Nepita Corsica grass animalic, metholic
Fir Balsam Canada resin piney, fruity

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