Private Label Programme

As well as making AER Scents, we take commissions for scent creation through our Accord Parfums Private Label Programme. Our in-house Perfumery Laboratory can help bring to life your perfume creation or scent concept. We offer full-service creation and production of a complete range of scent products: Perfume, Home Fragrance, Body- Face- and Haircare and more.

Full Service

We offer a full-service creation and production process. We will formulate your product according to your brief, working with you to make sure it’s right. Concurrently, we share with you our expertise is in marketing and sales, and we work with you to select bottle, label and packaging design, and if necessary we can help you to create a brand personality for your product. We handle all the regulatory certification and registration, and deliver to you a ready-to-sell perfume product.

Natural vs. Synthetic

Our specialisation – and our passion – is in natural formulations from botanical, ethically sourced raw ingredients. We think that is the way of the future. But we can also offer combination natural and synthetic formulation products.

The Process

The creation process is meant to be fun and engaging, and in the end you will have a beautiful product but also a better nose and a deeper understanding of perfumery and formulation.

First, we’ll take you on a journey through our library of raw materials, and help you define your product’s personality and spirit in a brief. At our next meeting (the first phase), we will present several directions based on your brief, and we help you narrow down the choices and discuss changes. In the second phase we present an almost-ready product, and discuss if further changes are needed. If we need a third phase, we present the changes and again discuss. We work to make sure that you’re happy.

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Creating unique, beautiful perfumes is our expertise. We’ve set up our perfume creation programme to meet the needs of small- and medium companies; we offer very low minimum orders, and ours is a full-service offer. Our speciality is natural perfumery, but we can also create with a blend of naturals and synthetics.

We handle all the production, packaging, regulatory certification and registration, and deliver to you a beautiful, ready-to-sell perfume.

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Home Fragrance

We provide the same careful service for candles, home fragrances, and incense: scent creation, personalised branding and packaging, and production, all done by hand from the AER Atelier.

We can produce hand-poured scented candles from natural vegetable wax, beautiful home fragrance sprays or oils, and hand-dipped incense sticks or cones that will scent a space and evoke an atmosphere; perfect for customer gifts, brand extensions, or special products.

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Beauty & Cosmetics

We can help you create face- body- and haircare products, from single products to entire ranges and special Hotel Amenities packages. Our lab specialises in formulating with natural ingredients, and can create soaps, shampoos, moisturisers, lotions, styling products… As always, our full-service takes care of the formulation, testing and certification, production and packaging for you.

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Environmental & Branding

Scent is such an important sense, and so underused!

Scent can help your brand stand out, and can instantly create a memorable brand experience for your customers.

Scent your your boutique, your business card, even your online order packaging.

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Special Projects

Some of our favourite projects have been the really outrageous briefs that seem almost impossible from the outset. From special gift ideas, products that will make your brand stand out and be recognised, or specialist artists projects. we can help you realise your goal – no matter how outrageous or impossible it seems!

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