Special Project Case Studies

We are proud to partner with some of the best companies in the word to create scent products through our Accord Parfums Private Label programme. Below are some examples of our work.

Yun Perfume for Glasses

Conception, creation and production of a limited edition VIP product

Yun is an innovative Korean eyewear brand. They came to us for an idea for a Christmas VIP gift. We came up with a fresh, fun concept: Perfume for Glasses: an eyewear cleaner infused with a Korean-inspired scent that stays on glasses for a few hours. We worked with Yun to develop a cleaning spray that gently cleans their coated optic glass and polyurethane lenses, and was compatible with their titanium, UItem and acetate frames. Oliver Jopke, the PR Manger who arranged the collaboration said, “The editors and influencers liked the idea of creating a perfume for glasses. Some of them told me that they have never seen it before and that it’s a unique product!” Yun’s general manager Jiyoon Yun said, “We had a great response to Perfume for Glasses and might even work on developing it as a retail product.” More info here

Perfume for Glasses was conceived, developed and manufactured through the Accord Parfums Private Label Programme and handblended in the AER Atelier in Berlin-Mitte. This product was a Limited Edition and is sold out.

Nobelhart & Schmutzig Hand Sanitiser

Creation and production of a scented Hand Sanitiser

Nobelhart & Schmutzig is a Michelin-starred restaurant that only uses ingredients produced locally in Germany. In the aftermath of Corona, owner Billy Wagner asked us to create a Hand Sanitiser that would use local ingredients, continue the Nobelhart & Schmutzig story and keep guests and staff safe from germs. We developed a special Hand Sanitiser with an intriguing scent evocative of Stefan, our Head of Perfume’s childhood in the Black Forest.

Billy says of the collaboration, “We approached AER Scents not just because we love their bold, sophisticated fragrances, but because their values mirror a lot of our own: a real commitment to their craft and the use of natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. They presented us with three options, all of which were wonderfully evocative and really showed us that they got what we are all about. We quickly settled on a favourite - Fir Balsam, Geranium and Cognac – and we’ve been using it proudly ever since. Our guests and staff love it, too!” More info here

The Nobelhart & Schmutzig Hand Sanitiser was created by AER and handblended in the AER Atelier in Berlin Mitte. The Hand Sanitiser is available at the restaurant and from their website.

Russell J Harris

Creation and production of scents for an art exhibition

We helped Berlin-based artist Russell J Harris realise “olfactory halos” for three artworks from his exhibition The Serpent Eats Its Tail at Ludwig. From the exhibition notes:

“The Serpent Eats Its Tail is his intention to create immersive environments that rely on all the senses. One of the sharpest senses for conjuring or resurrecting memory is that of olfaction and as the displayed work is so saturated with personal histories, Russell wanted a way of conveying these on top of the visual information given. Working with AER Scents, an independent Berlin-based perfume house, they created a series of scents that could be applied to three of the objects/relics on display. Three masks were given olfactory halos, applied as if radiating from the objects themselves, these scents lead the onlooker to a broader overview of the relic in front of them, for instance, the Silks Mask was created using the embroidery silks Russell inherited from his mother after she died. So Russell wanted the olfactory halo to be indicative of his early years, growing up on Romney Marsh on the South East Coast of Kent in England. It was to smell of sweet pond water and wet earth, of the magnolia that grew in his familial garden. Each of the three relics had its own olfactory narrative, allowing a multi dimensional experience of the work. The masks were arranged in a triangle formation in a single room, thus creating a fourth scent that permeated throughout.“ More info here

The three olfactory halos were created through the Accord Parfums Private Label Programme and handblended in the AER Atelier in Berlin-Mitte. They can be experienced when the art piece is exhibited.