AER Special Projects

At AER, we do a lot more than make perfume. Here are some of the special projects that we have been working on. Please get in touch if you are interested in collaborating with us on a project.

AER x SEEK Berlin project


AER Scents has collaborated with contemporary fashion trade show SEEK Berlin on a series of five natural environmental fragrances that bring alive the personality of each of the SEEK spaces: Classics & Icons, Sports- and Streetwear, Strong Zeitgeist, Green Force and Trade Union

The five natural scents were created and handblended by AER. The scents will be diffused into the air at the five SEEK areas during the summer SEEK Berlin show in July 2019. Stay tuned for more information.

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AER & Garden State Candles Home Fragrances

AER x GSC Home Fragrance boxes

For Summer 2019, AER Scents and Berlin-based Garden State Candles have come together to present two 100% natural home fragrances that reflect the energy of Berlin. Both home fragrances were handblended in the AER Scents Atelier and contain only natural botanical ingredients.

Part two of the collaboration (a candle series) will be announced in the Autumn.


In the dark

Inspired by a pine forest before the dawn, IN THE DARK embodies the true essence of the forest, diffusing the explosive energy of Fir Balsam. The aroma is set off by Scotch Pine, a citrusy burst of Nepeta, and topped with a twist of zesty Grapefruit.

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in the light

IN THE LIGHT is an ode to the lightness of summer. A bright, airy fragrance that will infuse your home with the delicate aroma of blossoming Jasmine, spiced notes of Rooibos Tea, topped off with the elegant notes of Citrus and Sweet Basil.

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Berlin Collective Scent

photo @ceeceecreative

photo @ceeceecreative

AER Scents created a perfume for Roe & Co. Whiskey & Cee Cee Berlin. Berlin Collective Scent is an ode to the idea of collaboration and the diverse energy of city life. Berlin Collective Scent captures the essence of Berlin: crisp and fresh in the beginning, it develops into a warm and vivid perfume. Inspired by collaboration, made for those who share its spirit.

This 100% Natural Eau de Toilette was created by AER and handblended in the AER Atelier in Berlin Mitte. This scent is being sold exclusively at Hallesches Haus.

available through Hallesches Haus

AER for St Oberholz Candle

AER x St Oberholz candle

AER Scents has produced a special scented candle for St Oberholz. Called a candle to encourage concentration and focus, the candle blends notes of Cocoa, Citrus, and Vetyver to help brighten and focus the mind; Coffee and Cardamom to reference the St. Oberholz Café; Cedar, Myrrh and Guaiac Wood to bring to mind the smells of wood in the St. Oberholz building.

This natural scented candle was created by AER. Each candle is handmade and handpoured in the AER Atelier at St. Oberholz Rosenthalerplatz, and contains only natural botanical ingredients.

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AER for YUN Perfume for Glasses


For Christmas 2018, AER Scents has created a special limited edition Perfume for Glasses, for eyewear brand Yun Berlin. The giftbox contains a 100% natural perfumed cleaner for eyeglasses that is scented with an Atlas Cedar and Cardamon-based fragrance, and comes in a presentation case with a microfibre cleaning cloth.

Perfume for Glasses was conceived, developed and manufactured by AER. The product was handblended in the AER Scents Atelier and contains only natural botanical ingredients.

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AER for Russell J.R. Harris


AER worked with Berlin-based artist Russell JR Harris to create three unique and very special scents for his three alchemic masks in his 2018 exhibition The Serpent Eats Its Tail. The scents were imbued into the masks and acted as olfactory halos to help transform the masks into ritual objects. When displayed together, the three scents created a fourth transformative scent.

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